How to extend the range of surveillance cameras?

How to extend the range of surveillance cameras?

Not everyone is aware that there are several simple ways to extend the range of CCTV surveillance cameras. The range of IP cameras is often increased using an additional switch. For wireless cameras, one method is to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal. This can be done, for example, by using a Wi-Fi repeater. Another method is to increase the transmitter power or replace the antenna.

What is the maximum range of an IP camera?

The maximum range of a direct wired connection between an IP camera and a standard switch, without additional cable devices such as Ethernet, is 100 meters. With PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply, the recommended maximum distance is 90 meters.

How far can an IP camera be from the router?

There are no limitations on the distance between the camera and the router. It depends on the topology and the medium used for signal transmission. The maximum distance for a direct connection between the switch and the camera can be 100 meters.

How far can a PoE camera be from the recorder?

If the recorder has a built-in PoE switch, the maximum distance should not exceed 90 meters. If the recorder uses an external PoE switch, the distance from the switch to the recorder can be added to this value, resulting in a maximum total distance of 100 meters.

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How to extend the range of an IP camera?

To extend the range of IP cameras, you can:

  • Use a switch with Long Range function, which can reach up to 250 meters at a reduced speed of 10 Mbps.
  • Use ePoE (extended Power over Ethernet) switch and cameras, which can extend the range up to 800 meters at 10 Mbps or 300 meters at 100 Mbps.
  • Install an additional switch along the path to the camera.
  • Utilize fiber optic transmission for long-distance coverage.

What is the maximum range of a WiFi camera?

The direct range of high-quality WiFi cameras can reach up to 100 meters or more in open areas. However, in densely populated or obstructed environments, the range may be significantly reduced.

How to increase the range of a WiFi camera?

You can significantly increase the range by using WiFi repeaters and high-quality Access Points with directional antennas. It is recommended to use reliable wireless devices from brands such as Ubiquiti or MikroTik, which offer excellent performance at a relatively low cost.

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