Intelligent features of thermal cameras

Intelligent features of thermal cameras

Intelligent features of thermal cameras are technologies that enable thermal cameras to independently analyze and interpret the received thermal images. This allows the camera to detect and recognize various objects, phenomena, or events, and automatically adjust its operating parameters to the current conditions.

Examples of intelligent features of thermal cameras include:

Automatic object detection and recognition: The camera can autonomously detect and recognize objects such as humans, animals, or vehicles, and display them on the thermal image in the form of special icons. Remote monitoring and alerting: The camera can be set up to automatically send notifications to a phone or computer when it detects alarming phenomena or events, such as detecting a person smoking a cigarette in an explosive zone or detecting a fire from a long distance. It can see humans and moving vehicles in complete darkness and fog. It is completely invisible at night as it does not generate any light to illuminate the observed area like conventional cameras do. It can also dynamically display the hottest and coldest spots.

These intelligent features help to quickly identify alarming and dangerous situations.


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