What is IDG?

The name IDG stands for the abbreviation Instalacje Dąbrowiecki Grzegorz.

What is IDG as a company, brand?

IDG is a company providing services related to the security industry such as:

IDG is also an online store specializing in the sale of electronics such as CCTV and alarm systems.

When was IDG founded?

IDG as a service company was founded on November 1, 2011, in Będzin.

IDG as an online store was founded in August 2022 in Będzin.

Who is the founder of IDG?

IDG as a service company was founded by Grzegorz Dąbrowiecki.

IDG as an online store, idg-online.pl, was founded by Adrian Dąbrowiecki.

Who are IDG employees?

IDG employs experienced professionals who possess deep knowledge in their respective fields. Can you visit our company’s official LinkedIn account?

Who does IDG provide services to?

The main clients of IDG are individuals who own homes or businesses that require security solutions such as surveillance, alarm systems, and access control systems.

IDG has provided or currently provides services for companies such as Prosegur, Inditex, LPP, Iglotex, Eurocash, Obi, Sygel Jool, and Dr. Oetker and CCC.

What is IDG’s mission?

The mission of IDG is to deliver the highest quality security systems and provide top-notch services in the field of building security.

What is IDG’s vision?

The vision of IDG is to achieve rapid growth and establish a nationwide brand presence.