Ranking of hybrid surveillance cameras: Top 6

Ranking of hybrid surveillance cameras

Top 10 hybrid cameras: presentation and discussion of the top 10 hybrid cameras according to the survey, with a description of their features, image quality, ease of use, price and other important characteristics.

Ranking of hybrid surveillance cameras: Top 6

1. the best hybrid camera up to 300zł



Tand the camera is a DAHUA brand model, with a resolution of 5 Mpx, available in HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD and CVBS standards. It uses a 1/2.7 ” Progressive Scan CMOS sensor.

The camera has an IR illuminator with a range of 60 meters, with automatic power adjustment, so it provides clear images even in the dark. It also has a built-in microphone and HD-CVI coaxial cable audio support.

It is equipped with a number of features such as D-WDR (wide dynamic range of illumination), 2D-DNR (digital noise reduction in the image), BLC/HLC (background light/high-light compensation), ICR (mechanical infrared filter), day/night mode, AGC (automatic gain control), automatic white balance, privacy zones, mirror (image mirroring) and sharpness (sharpening image contours).

The camera has an OSD menu, accessible through the DAHUA DVR. It has a dome-type housing, made of metal and plastic, with an IP67 rating, which means it is resistant to dust and moisture.

The camera is compact and easy to install, and its operating temperature of -40 °C to 60 °C makes it resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Its advantages include high resolution, long range infrared illuminator, automatic illuminator power adjustment, built-in microphone, coaxial cable audio support, and a number of features that provide clear and refined images, even in difficult lighting conditions. In addition, the camera has a three-year warranty, which is an added bonus.

2. the best hybrid camera up to 500zł

Hikvision DS-2CE12HFT-F28 ColorVu 2.8mm camera

Hikvision DS-2CE12HFT-F28 ColorVu 2.8mm camera

The described camera is a high-quality video monitoring device, using various signal standards, including HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD and CVBS. The camera has a Progressive Scan CMOS image sensor and a 5 Mpx sensor, which provides very good quality images.

The camera has an adjustable infrared and white light illuminator that allows observation of objects up to 40 meters away from the camera, which is a great advantage when monitoring outdoor areas. The 111-degree viewing angle allows for a wide range of observation. The camera’s super high sensitivity of 0.0005 Lux makes the images recorded at night very high quality. The camera will also perform brilliantly in daytime surveillance with its advanced WDR and digital noise reduction features.

The camera offers many features such as WDR over 130 dB(wide dynamic range of illumination), 2D-DNR/3D-NR(digital noise reduction), BLC/HLC (background light/strength compensation), day/night mode, AGC (automatic gain control), auto white balance, privacy zones, mirror (reverse image) and sharpness (sharpening image contours).

The camera is equipped with a built-in microphone and audio support over coaxial cable in HD-CVI only. The OSD on-screen menu is accessible through the Hikvision DVR.

The camera is easy to install and operate, has an IP67 rating and is weatherproof, making it suitable for outdoor applications. The camera is available in white color, but is not vandal-proof.

The camera is from the renowned manufacturer DAHUA and comes with a 3-year warranty. All in all, this camera offers many features and functions that make it a very good choice for those looking for a reliable video surveillance device.

3. the best hybrid camera up to 1000zł

HIKVISION DS-2CE79U1T-IT3ZF (2.7-13.5mm)


Camera HIKVISION DS-2CE79U1T-IT3ZF is equipped with an 8.29-megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor, which means it is capable of delivering very high-quality images with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This makes it possible to obtain highly detailed recordings, which can be essential for some applications, such as monitoring public spaces, warehouses or industrial sites.

The camera has high sensitivity, allowing it to produce bright images even in very low light conditions. It is also equipped with an IR filter, which allows recording at night or in low light.

The camera has DNR and 105 dB DWDR image features that help reduce noise and produce a clearer and more crisp image.

Thanks to the camera’s wide range of adjustments, it can be easily adapted to different mounting conditions. The camera has an adjustment range of level from 0° to 360°, tilt from 0° to 75° and rotation from 0° to 360°. In addition, the lens’ focal length of 2.7mm to 13.5mm allows the viewing angle to change from 108.1° to 45.6°, making it possible to adapt the image to different situations.

With an IR range of up to 60 meters, the camera is able to capture images even in the dark.

The camera’s 580g weight and IP67 protection level make it robust and resistant to various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

Among the advantages of the camera are very high image quality, easy camera adjustment, wide lens adjustment range, long IR range and high weather resistance.

4. The best hybrid camera for home monitoring



This DAHUA camera is equipped with many useful features and parameters that make it a good choice as a home surveillance camera.

First of all, the 1/2.7″ Progressive Scan CMOS sensor and 5 Mpx resolution in 16:9 aspect ratio (available only in HD-CVI mode) guarantee excellent image quality, which allows accurate tracking of events in the monitored area. In 1080p (1920 x 1080) mode, the image is also very clear.

In addition, this camera has an adjustable infrared illuminator with a range of 60m and automatic power adjustment, which allows monitoring even in the dark. A 111° viewing angle and a 2.8mm lens allow the company to cover a large area inside or outside the house.

This camera also has features such as wide dynamic range of illumination (WDR) of 120 dB, digital noise reduction (2D-DNR, 3D-DNR), background light/strength compensation (BLC/HLC/HLC-Pro), mechanical infrared filter (ICR), day/night mode, automatic image gain control (AGC), automatic white balance, privacy zones, image mirroring (Mirror) and image contour sharpening (Sharpness), which improve image quality and facilitate image analysis.

This camera also supports audio over coaxial cable only in HD-CVI mode and has a built-in microphone, which allows audio recording, which can be useful when monitoring, for example, a home entrance.

In addition, the camera’s housing is made of metal and plastic, is weatherproof thanks to its IP67 rating and operates in a wide temperature range of -40°C to 60°C, making it ideal for outdoor use.

In conclusion, this DAHUA camera has many features and parameters that make it a good choice as a home surveillance camera. Excellent image quality, adjustable infrared illuminator, wide dynamic range of illumination, audio recording capability, and weather resistance are just some of its advantages.

5. best hybrid camera for night surveillance



The DS-2CE19DF8T-AZE (2.8-12mm) analog camera is a good choice for night vision thanks to its high sensitivity and 1/1.8″ 2MP CMOS sensor. The sensitivity of the camera is 0.0003 Lux at F1.0 and AGC enabled, which means the camera is able to capture very low light, which is essential in low-light or total darkness conditions. In addition, thanks to its 2 MP (1920 x 1080) CMOS sensor, the camera can capture video-quality images, which is especially important when observing objects at night.

In addition, the camera is equipped with the Smart IR function, which provides even illumination at a distance of up to 40 meters. As a result, the user can get a clear image even in total darkness. Combined with ColorVu technology, the camera is capable of recording color video 24/7, which is especially useful for monitoring areas where video colors can easily be confused when recording in black and white.

In conclusion, the DS-2CE19DF8T-AZE camera is a good choice for night vision due to its very high sensitivity of 0.0003 Lux, the 1/1.8″ CMOS sensor combined with a resolution of 1920x1080pkt gives a very low noise in the image with minimal lighting. Smart IR and Color Vu function give it additional advantages for night work.

The 6th best hybrid camera in terms of features



Camera DAHUA HAC-HFW1801R-Z-IRE6-A-27135 offers many powerful features that make it a good choice for demanding applications. First of all, the camera has a resolution of 8.3 Mpx, which means it can capture highly detailed images, including 4K UHD quality. In addition, the camera has a 2.7-13.5mm motozoom lens with autofocus, which allows you to remotely adjust the zoom and focus for a perfectly aligned image.

The camera has many features to improve image quality, such as WDR 120dB wide dynamic range of illumination , 2D-NR and 3D-NR digital image noise reduction, HLC and BLC compensation, and F-DNR precipitation noise reduction. With these features, the image is clearer and easier to read. The camera also has an auto white balance function and customizable privacy zones, allowing you to tailor the settings to your specific needs.

In addition, the camera has many advanced features, such as day/night mode, mechanical infrared filter, AGC automatic image gain control, Mirror image reflection and Sharpness image contour sharpening. Thanks to these features, the camera is able to capture good-quality images even in difficult lighting conditions.

Finally, the camera has a robust and sealed metal housing, making it resistant to external elements such as rain and wind. The camera also has a long range IR illuminator, allowing it to capture images at night at a distance of up to 60 meters.

This camera offers a number of powerful features that make it a good choice for demanding applications such as monitoring warehouses, parking lots or industrial facilities where good quality in any weather conditions is important.

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